Skye: Endless Realm’s “production halted indefinitely”



Charit, Heart Level Up’s mascot. (Designed by muddymelly [Melissa Hui Wang.])

Dear incredibly unforgettable Skye: Endless Realm Citizens,

For years, you have patiently and generously waited throughout our lengthy development of Skye: Endless Realm. You are a truly amazing and very admirable community of stellar individuals; it is with a heavy heart that I write you with regrettable news.

On May 29th, we are pulling down our testing forums for Skye ( in addition to pulling down the Skye sign-up page (,) and changing Skye: Endless Realm’s project status from “under development” to “production halted indefinitely.”

As our Skye moderator inspirae wrote, “there have been enormous changes and transitions” within the most recent development team that worked on Skye: Endless Realm, and due to these events and Skye’s challenging developmental history defined by regular staff turnover, Skye is “not [currently] able to recover from these drastic changes” (a history of details of these changes and attempted solutions – in addition to the reasons behind Skye being pulled down – are described within a separate post.)

We will carefully expunge all encrypted personal identifying information from our servers in order to protect privacy and user data.

Thank you for using your precious time to give us and your community such lasting and empowering warmth. I am deeply sorry for giving you this news after you have been extraordinarily patient for so long.

We all will never forget how you have magnanimously stood by us for years, encouraging us with many warm words of support and helping us with insightful critiques. Your enduring kindness was and is beyond inspiring to all who touched the project, and we all humbly thank you for fueling every solo and collaborative stretch of the development journey thus far.

Every Skye development team member has earnestly sought to create a world that would live up to your wonderful encouragement and magnanimity. Dear Citizens, if you are seeking upstanding virtual worlds to relocate to, here are a number of established and enjoyable avatar-based social networks that seek to take care of you and your friends:, Windlyn OnlineSubeta, Roliana, Solia Online, Gaia Online, Syndrone, Trisphee, Kingdom of Knuffel, Midorea (which is now undergoing exciting renovations,) MenewshaKinsaki, Zantarni, OurWorld, and many more gorgeous sites.

Since will close on May 29th, please do not hesitate to let me know how I may help you find and gather your beautiful artwork posts, your witty writings, and the wonderful friends that you’ve met on this site. It would be an honor to be here for you, as you were there for us. Please do not hesitate to tag me, write to me, or message me on any platform (even after Bubblegum goes offline) to allow me to know how I may be of assistance.

– Melissa/muddymelly of Heart Level Up

  • Tora Rosenguard

    NO…please….this can’t be happening….

    • Tora, you must have kindly waited a very long time, and we must apologize to you for bringing you this disappointing news. Thank you very much for giving us your great patience, your precious time, and your enduring support throughout our endeavors. Your name is a noble one, and your efforts are, too.

      – Melissa

  • Rachel

    You got our hopes up for nothing

    • Rachel, we must thank you for having waited such a long and gracious time for this project to come to fruition – only to be met with a disappointing announcement of closure, for which we deeply apologize; we very much desired to bring you news of progress, instead. Rachel, thank you for the precious time and support that you have kindly gifted this project and our endeavors. If reading background details about this dismaying announcement may be illuminating, here is a link that you may have already visited:

      Thank you for having followed the development of Skye: Endless Realm patiently for all of this time.

      – Melissa

  • If there is anything we can do for you guys, let us know!! Support forever!

    • Traffy, your effervescent and warmly supportive words are very encouraging and uplifting! Thank you for taking the time to raise us up with your energy, and for your generosity towards our project endeavors. We will remember and gratefully appreciate your kind offer!

      – Melissa

  • derptastic

    I knew this was gonna happen. Guys, lets all go to Gaiaonline.

    • Derptastic, we all thank you very much for still bearing with us despite the odds and the workload! We deeply appreciate that you still gave us your patience and the time that you have. We definitely cheer on your wise suggestion to go to the long-running and exciting Gaia Online (many of us are on the site, as well!) Your idea is a superb one; the communities on Gaia are as vibrant as they are richly varied, and the many years of different staffs, talented artists, and caring users on Gaia Online have diligently built an incredible online experience. Gaia has withstood much over the years, and we hope it may continue to be an established and dependable haven for you and yours.

      – Melissa

  • really, guys?

  • He who fights monsters

    anyone else feel only infuriated about how they keep swooning over our patience? Considering this was quite a betrayal, and waste of said patience in the end. Looking at the other comments, it seems theyre resorting to stroking egos and kissing asses to make up for it.

    I’ll be the one to lay down the honest truth; it won’t. People don’t handle betrayal of trust well.

  • yu narukami

    Oh 🙁

  • Megan

    Ok, so what’s with all these people complaining..? Literally, all you people did was wait. Waiting for the project to be done over a course of a couple years. Yeah, that was a long time but so what? You went on with your lives and did nothing to contribute except maybe check the Skye page once in awhile. You did nothing while they work their butt off trying to appease you. smh

  • Steph

    aw thats too bad. I was really looking forward to it. But, theres a chance i might get too addicted to the site the way I was with Tinierme XD so its probably for the best

  • Rei

    Oh.. how sad. 🙁 I was checking in on this project every now and then since I found out about TinierMe shutting down. -sigh-

    I do wish everyone the best of luck for the future! Don’t let one thing falling through discourage you from creating something great in the years to come.

    Now I suppose I’m going to try looking for another virtual world or something.. none of them could ever quite live up to TinierMe, but I’m going to give it a shot. Hope I run into some of you formor TM players!