We’re on the case: “Mystery Of the ‘Missing’ Accounts”

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We should begin this announcement by revealing something that has been kind of a secret… There is a test forum for our upcoming project, Skye: Endless Realm, that has quietly resided at bubblegum.endlessrealm.com since its inception, and we’ve never formally introduced it to you yet. It’s dubbed “Bubblegum”/”Skye: Test Realm.”

You are absolutely welcome to visit Bubblegum and meet the wonderful Skye Citizens who regularly brighten the place up! Our development of and experimentation on Bubblegum help create a better forum framework for Skye; as changes happen to it, we’re grateful to receive your feedback, critiques, and suggestions – all of which we read carefully. 

We plan on going into further detail about Bubblegum in a future post!

We’re currently fixing “broken” usernames

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We have been aware of a “broken user account” problem on Bubblegum – and are troubleshooting and endeavoring to fix/restore all the potentially affected accounts. The current setup of Bubblegum’s robust forum framework (Discourse) can not yet utilize a number of the Citizen usernames that we’ve imported from Skye: Endless Realm’s beta launch sign-up form, resulting in “broken user accounts that do indeed exist, but are mostly inaccessible.

The problem seems to be solely instigated by these “broken” user accounts containing textual characters that Discourse’s default settings do not allow in usernames. We must deeply apologize for the disruptions and troubles that those affected have been experiencing, and have been undertaking account restoration solutions and taking care of issues on an individual basis. It is of utmost importance to us that Citizens can rightfully claim the incredible usernames that they signed up for, and we are absolutely grateful to the Bubblegum users impacted by this issue who have both been bearing with us for a solution and helping us figure out viable resolutions.

We’re dedicated to carrying out the most restorative solution possible to this problem.

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To our Citizens Azyess, Dmnrain, Fail, Moon, and Living, who have astutely noticed (or even helpfully documented) “broken usernames,”

to the exceedingly patient and gracious users (like Suki-Harumi) whose usernames I sadly cannot link to since they are currently affected by the aforementioned issue,

and to the crowd of warm, inspiring, and encouraging Skye Citizens who make up Bubblegum and make it a home for many,

we deeply thank you! It’s been nothing less than inspiring to be a part of Bubblegum and to build it up alongside you all.

– Melissa/muddymelly, Tony/Omni, and the Heart Level Up team

P.S. Why didn’t I call this post “Bubblegum Crisis.”

P.P.S. Is “Sir Cookieface” a good name for an alpaca Y/N


P.P.P.S. The artwork used in this post is by Melissa/muddymelly. Thank you for looking!

  • Sankyu very much for your hard work and for keeping us posted~ ^o^